Ricky Setiawan

Personal Questions, Answered.

About Me

I have a fond interest in technology, business, and art. I have established two tech companies and trusted to administer one of the biggest collaborative projects in the world.

I have won several business competitions, both international and national level, and my works of art have been featured in several websites and an exhibition. I strive to produce artistic, high quality, and well-designed products/works.

Selected Achievements:
1. IBM ASEAN System Storage Top Gun Award 2013
2. International 1st Winner of P&G ASEAN Business Challenge 2011
3. National 1st Winner of Management Competition 2012
4. National 1st Winner of Indonesia Marketing Competition 2011

Academic paper:
“Achyar, Adrian and Ricky Setiawan. (2012). “Effects of Perceived Trust and Perceived Price on Customers’ Intention to Buy in Online Store in Indonesia”. ASEAN Marketing Journal.”

Talks and Seminar


I have given talks on management, startup, and marketing in several events and institutions including but not limited to:

  1. Unite, Singapore, 2016 – “Indonesia Game Dev Outlook 2017: An Analysis of Indonesia Game Dev Business Climate and Environment”
  2. Bina Nusantara University, 2014 – “Wikipedia as a Global Community”
  3. Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, 2014 – “Implementation of B2B marketing and CRM in Startup and SMEs”
  4. Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia, 2014 – “Lean Six-Sigma Experience Sharing”
  5. Etc.

Topics and Fields

Available to give talks on following management and marketing fields, based on academic research, field-experience, and real-life business case.

  1. Fundamental marketing and business management
  2. Strategic management
  3. Indonesia tech startup and game dev ecosystem
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Voluntary-based community
  6. Culture and organizational behavior for community and startup
  7. Business-to-business Marketing
  8. Salesmanship for B2B
  9. Organizational culture and behavior

Please contact me through ricky.stwn(at)gmail.com.

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